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Quest’s End Games began as a team of five AAA industry veterans with 40 years of combined experience. Headquartered in Ultimo, Sydney, the company has grown into a party of developers who bring diverse skills, experiences and aspirations to the table with a keen focus on innovation. Highly passionate about games and technology, we strive to produce fun and engaging experiences for audiences of all types.

Take a look at our portfolio and get in touch for opportunities to work with our amazing developers!

Tima Anoshechkin Game & Systems Designer
Game & Systems Designer (Co-founder)

After a stint as a professional gamer, Tima entered the industry as a balance designer at Sierra Entertainment in 2007. He subsequently worked in the data driven design of gameplay and metagame systems, as well as in creating game concepts and building game worlds. He has extensive experience with various game engines and scripting editors, and is a capable programmer.

Nicholas Young AI and Gameplay programmer
AI & Gameplay programmer (Co-founder)

Dr Nick joined Team Bondi in 2007 after completing a PhD in computational intelligence, and has broad experience on gameplay systems. He has particular expertise in vehicle dynamics and vehicle AI, and crowd systems. When he’s not solving hard problems, Nick never stops: always dancing, climbing, hiking or exploring the world around him.

Robert Jones 3D Artist
3D Artist (Co-founder)

Rob joined the games industry in 1999 as an artist at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He worked on titles like The Getaway and Gangs of London before moving to Australia to join Team Bondi as a senior artist on LA Noire. Rob is passionate about all games – sports and video alike. He is especially experienced in the accurate recreation of real-world locations on screen.

Creative Marketing Manager & 2D Artist

Graduating from Academy of Interactive Entertainment in 2011, Justine carefully tended her portfolio around the disciplines of character design, UI and UX. Her deeply empathetic approach to design focuses on diversity of in-game characters and inclusiveness for players of all types. One of her most notable brain-childs were the highly collectable Station Stop pins from PAX 2015, inspiring vital word of mouth about a game that was otherwise unknown. Her natural charisma and objective thinking keeps the team focused on their mission, crafting fun and engaging experiences for all.

Game Designer & Artist

Inspired by the immersive universe of Halo 2 many years ago, the path that led Boramy into game development in 2014 was a natural one to follow. His passion for rich, visually driven game worlds and intuition for user-driven gameplay ensures a captivating yet analytical approach with every mechanic he designs. Boramy is able to wear many hats due to his familiarity with multiple game engines, acute sense for seamless art pipelines, in addition to creating gorgeous concept work and materialising those visions into 3D. He is a true unicorn designer.

Tools & Gameplay Programmer

Discovering his passion for programming from the young age of eleven, Joel meticulously worked his way into the industry in 2012 as a Software Developer. His programming expertise benefits development in many ways: by carefully formulating engaging gameplay experiences for players, to building helpful systems and tools for his fellow developers. With an appreciation for beautiful code and a keen focus on cultivating smooth functioning systems, he is an intrinsic asset to the Quest’s End Games team.


After being introduced to programming by his father, Timo developed a fascination with underlying systems of programs. Coupled with a love of video games, pursuing game development was an easy decision. Timo finds reward from the problem solving aspect of programming, making him a reliable and capable member of the team. Away from work, Timo enjoys tinkering with electronics, surfing, hiking and, of course, playing games.


Tim is a game designer and writer. He studied Screenwriting at UTS, and started work at Team Bondi in 2007. Since then, he has worked on AAA and independent projects as a level, combat and system designer. His spirit animal is the donkey. When he’s not making games, he channels his creative energy into writing about games and the culture that surrounds them. Currently Senior Game Designer at Guerilla Games


A veteran software developer before entering the games industry, Dave joined Transmission Games in Melbourne in 2005. He moved to Sydney as a senior programmer on LA Noire in 2009, and has extensive experience on pathfinding, animation and gameplay systems. The worst thing he finds about living in Sydney is that his beloved Hawthorn Football Club only play here once or twice a year. Currently Software Engineer at EA Firemonkeys