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Quest’s End Games is a premium developer with a versatile portfolio. We love working with local and international clients, building educational tools, apps and games. Our team has experience working with platforms on VR, AR, Mobile, PC and Console, and can provide contracting services in Design, Programming, 3D, 2D and UI/UX.

Check out our work specifications for detailed look at the services we can provide and get in touch with us at our contact page.

ClockWork (PC)

Clockwork is a time-bending puzzle-platformer that tells the story of Atto, a lonely mechanical boy in the great city of Watchtower. We worked with Gamesoft for two years during development in production, design and programming to help bring the game to life.


Station Stop is an easy to pick up one-touch mobile game about collecting trains and helping a colourful cast complete journeys. Created in collaboration with Dean Longmore from CoopFly.

Blinky Bill (iOS / Android)

We developed in tandem with The Project Factory a marketing augmented app the launch of Blinky Bill: The Movie. We handled all of the core development processes, from wire frame design, integrating AR technologies, rigging and animating the characters. The app was done under very tight deadlines and took 8 weeks to complete.


Natural Motion, the maker of CSR Racing, approached our 3D artist to work on their newest project, Dawn of Titans. Our artist was tasked with creating a significant number of 3D buildings, with the twin requirements that the models make efficient use of textures to maximise speed on iOS devices, while maintaining the high level of quality required.


We were approached by SeeThrough Studios to help finish Particulars before its launch on Steam. It was an exciting project to work on, combining a high concept with unique and engaging gameplay. Our designers worked to polish levels and gameplay flow, and took the lead on ensuring the game taught its players the required concepts, without handholding. Our programmers worked to implement the achievement systems, to add the capability for artists to add some final flourishes to the look of the game, and on optimisation.


Epiphany Games approached us to do level design for their upcoming title, Majestic Nights. With extensive experience in creating this kind of gameplay for previous titles like L.A. Noire and Whore of the Orient, our designers lead the development of the first chapter of the game. They worked to establish systems to streamline future development, to create a review system within the game team, and to deliver a high quality first pass Epiphany could build on as other gameplay elements and art assets came online.


With a tight deadline, we were approached to create levels for the successful mobile puzzle game. We worked simultaneously with the local team and remote project management to create imaginative, challenging and polished levels for delivery with the final game.


We were lucky to work with Flat Earth Games as one of our first clients. Our designers offered system design advice, using their experience to help streamline the game; making it simpler and more enjoyable. Our programmers helped optimise the engine to improve performance on iPad and make porting to iPhone possible. They also drew on their AAA background to work on pathfinding, AI behaviours and the UI and camera systems.


Our team worked on all areas of the un-released title from Kennedy Miller Mitchell Interactive Entertainment. Our designers lead feature teams working on narrative development, world creation, combat mechanics and more. Programmers worked on complex crowd and traffic simulations, camera systems, AI behaviours and game mechanics. Our artist continued his work from L.A. Noire, championing high quality, realistic recreations of existing buildings, helping to create art standards and practices for the team, and building parts of 1930s Shanghai.


Our team met while working on L.A. Noire. We worked as level designers, responsible for nearly half of the game’s assigned cases. As system designers, we reworked, refined and polished the game’s combat and investigation mechanics. We worked as programmers across multiple facets of the game. We created the traffic and pedestrian systems. We polished pathfinding, cameras, behaviour, animation and more. As artists, we lead the Landmark team, responsible for the recreation of more than 100 famous buildings across Los Angeles.